Our aim is simple – we want to make everyone more prosperous in Vassall and Coldharbour.

As well as creating new jobs we have a richer definition of wealth – we think it is whatever makes life worth living.

This could mean:

  • Our neighbourhood is a safe and attractive place where people can meet, play and work
  • Everyone can afford to eat well all the time
  • People can find their own solutions and work together to bring them about

Vassall and Coldharbour Forum is bringing people together to radically improve the neighbourhood as a place to live, play and work.

We will be drawing up a community vision for the neighbourhood with meetings on 20th January, a residential weekend conference on 20/21st February and a meeting on 16th March. Contact vassallandcoldharbour@gmail.com to find out more and to get regular updates.

Use this website to find out what’s on offer locally – to find (or advertise) a baby sitter, children’s football training, a window cleaner or a place to hire for a party.